But we want a photographer who is FAMILIAR with the venue...

As a photographer, we hear this often. It's always something we have to play with words very impeccably. We get clients who love our work, but are unsure of us because we have never shot at their venue... In cue the violin and heavy cello.

Ok, so while, yes, it's great to know a venue so well that you know where all the good spots are, and that in itself is a great way to sell yourself to a potential bride, it's even better when you have never shot at a venue before. Because, it's new. For an artist, inspiration is huge. And when we get to see an entirely new venue for the first time, we are going to look at the venue from a completely different perspective than the 'regular's are used to looking at it. And let's be honest, but across the state of Georgia, there are probably a good 5000+ venues alone for weddings. Having shot at all of them would be some sort of a Houdini move. Amiright?

So, even though, yes, it's great to have a photographer who has shot at the venue you are planning to wed, it's ALSO great having a photographer with a different perspective on the venue. It's a tie. It can go both ways.

So in the end, we say all of this to say, don't choose your photographer based on their experience at your venue, choose your photographer because you think their photography is absolutely amazing, their skillz are out of this world, and their energy is perfect for the personalities of you, as a bride and groom. The venue should never be a deciding factor.

Photo credit by Jess J., Owner/Photographer at Southern Portrait & Video, taken at Ashton Gardens in Sugar Hill GA.

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